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Dentures in

Dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile to the fullest. If you're looking for dentures in Chester, we're here to help. Call our office today.

Dentures in Chester

We speak to a lot of patients who are reluctant to consider dentures as a restorative dentistry treatment option. One of the main objections we hear is that dentures make a person look older. However, the exact opposite is more often true. Some teeth support the lips and cheeks. When those teeth are missing, the lips or cheeks may begin to sag, giving you the appearance of being much older. Dentures, whether partial or full, restore the supporting structure and keep you looking younger and healthier.

Another common objection we often encounter is that dentures do not stay in, which would make it difficult for the wearer to speak, eat or drink. However, the reliability of dentures depends on the level of skill and experience the dentist possesses. Chester Road Family Dental can provide you with dentures that fit, are comfortable and restore normal function to the mouth.

Partial Dentures

A full or complete denture is used when all the teeth are missing. A partial denture is used when one or more teeth are missing. When you are missing teeth in an area of your mouth that is not usually visible, you may consider foregoing treatment. However, if you do not have the teeth replaced, the teeth surrounding the gap will likely shift into misalignment.

Each one of your teeth is part of a larger system. If even a single tooth is lost, it affects the surrounding teeth, gums, bones, lips and cheeks. A partial denture will help prevent any unnecessary issues from arising.

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