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Invisalign in

Get a beautiful straight smile with Invisalign invisible aligners. To learn more about Invisalign in Chester, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Invisalign in Chester

For too many years, options for aligning teeth remained stagnant. Metal braces are still the most common aligner treatment. However, preferable alternatives are now available to patients. One such orthodontic treatment, which is changing the way patients look at aligners, is Invisalign. There are a number of key differences between metal braces and Invisalign aligners. These differences, we believe, will change how our patients think about corrective treatments for crooked or crowded teeth.


Invisalign uses aligners that are almost invisible. For patients who are self-conscious about their smiles, Invisalign offers a solution. The aligners are also removable, which means you can continue to brush and floss as normal. For the same reason, having your aligners changed is a simple process. When your aligners need to be changed, you won’t need to spend any additional time in the dentist’s chair.

Each Invisalign aligner is specially designed to fit each patient. The length of treatment differs from patient to patient, so your results will depend on your specific needs. Chester Road Family Dental will provide you with a consultation, where we will discuss realistic timescales and potential effectiveness of treatment with you.

Invisalign Teen

The great news is that Invisalign is also available for teens! No age group is more conscious when it comes to how their smile looks. For teens, Invisalign aligners provide a number of benefits. These clear aligners are less obvious, which makes socializing while wearing Invisalign aligners a much more attractive option.

Teens can also continue to take part in the sporting and musical activities that they love. The Invisalign aligners can be removed during activities where there is an increased risk of injury to teeth or gums.

Invisalign Teen

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