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Orthodontics in

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment in Chester, our friendly and professsional dental team is here to help. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Orthodontics in Chester

Technically, orthodontics are a branch of dentistry. An orthodontist treats problems with the teeth and jaws, which are often related to the overall function of the face. The area of orthodontics that most people are familiar with is probably the use of braces. Traditional metal braces have long been used to correct crooked or crowded teeth. However, there are other lesser-known orthodontic devices. They include night guards for preventing grinding and temporary anchorage devices (TADs) which help tooth control. There are also rubber bands which are an alternative to braces.

Many conditions of the jaw are also treated through orthodontics. An orthodontist can provide treatment for the jaw when the joint or supporting muscles are involved. Common conditions usually stem from a misalignment of the jaw or weakened muscles. Other conditions may be a result of deformity or injury. An orthodontic dentist will use advanced techniques and technologies to diagnose problems that affect the jaw, muscles and surrounding tissues.

Chester Road Family Dental Orthodontics

Due to the precision imaging and information that a comprehensive exam provides, Chester Road Family Dental is able to provide you with suitable dental treatments or referrals. Orthodontics is a complicated branch of dentistry. Many different conditions present almost identical symptoms, which make it difficult for an unqualified dentist to recommend treatment.

At Chester Road Family Dental, we carry out thorough exams as standard practice. Many orthodontic treatments are time crucial, which means that early diagnosis is important. Once we have determined your needs, we will either offer treatment or provide you with a suitable referral.

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