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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain in

When you're suffering from a toothache, you need relief right away. Call our office today. Our friendly and compassionate dental team is here to give you the relief you need.

Tooth Pain and Jaw Pain Treatment in Chester

Tooth pain can become incredibly painful very quickly. Most people will grin and bear it, hoping the pain goes away until it becomes unbearable. Whether your tooth pain has come on suddenly, or you have been avoiding contacting Chester Road Family Dental, we are here to help you find relief with general dentistry. While we can offer you relief from your tooth pain, we can also get to the cause of the problem and prevent the toothache from returning.

There are times when a toothache can spring up from nowhere and disappear just as quickly. You may be experiencing minor irritation, in which case, we can offer you pain relief medication. The important thing is that you get the tooth checked, so that we can rule out more serious issues. Even when a toothache goes away, it does not mean you are out of the woods. Many dental conditions begin in the teeth but then move into other areas such as the gums or bones.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can cause severe pain and discomfort, as well as hindering you from everyday activities such as speaking or eating. The cause of jaw pain is often misdiagnosed, as there is a multitude of potential causes. Orthodontics, which is a branch of medicine closely related to dentistry, deals with the functions of the face. Most facial features are related in some way, which means that pain in the jaw can stem from a number of areas.

Your Chester Road Family Dental dentist’s role is to use a comprehensive exam to identify dental related issues which are causing your jaw pain. Once the cause has been established, we may be able to offer you treatment for jaw pain. There are a number of jaw pain treatment options, ranging from medicinal treatments to surgical procedures. However, orthodontic devices are often the most practical and effective option for treatment.

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