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Tooth Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Removal in

Chester Road Family Dental will always attempt to save healthy teeth with general dentistry. If there is an alternative treatment which will prevent the removal of teeth, we will take that route. However, there are occasions where tooth extraction is the only option.

Teeth Extractions in Chester

When that time comes, we provide quick tooth extractions for all our patients. We will put your comfort first and make your procedure as pain-free as possible. You will feel some moderate discomfort and pain after treatment, but it will pass in a matter of days provided you look after the socket wound.

In many cases, a tooth extraction is relatively simple, as the tooth is loose. When the tooth is not loose, we will provide you with sufficient sedation, so you do not experience any pain during treatment. Your Chester Road Family Dental practitioner is an expert in the field of tooth extraction. We will provide you with aftercare advice and bring you in for follow-up appointments where appropriate.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Not everyone experiences issues from wisdom teeth cutting through. Some people don’t even realize the wisdom teeth have come through until told by the dentist. For those who do experience issues, extraction is often the only option. Cutting wisdom teeth can lead to surrounding teeth being pushed out, crowding in the mouth or the wisdom tooth failing to come through because there isn’t enough space.

The common theme among all of these issues is pain and discomfort for the patient. By extracting the wisdom tooth, we can relieve pain and prevent your other teeth from damage. The ability to remove the wisdom tooth depends on its position in the mouth. There may be instances where removing the wisdom tooth is not an option for your dentist. In these cases, you would receive a referral for a surgical procedure.

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