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What We're Doing For COVID-19 - Learn More

Same-Day Dentistry in

We want to make accessibility to dental treatment as convenient and beneficial as possible for our customers.

Same-Day Dentistry in Chester

One way we are making life easier for patients is by offering same-day dentistry, when available. If you have an emergency or find yourself with some free time, we will try to fit you in for an appointment. That means on short notice you can receive much needed dental treatment without having to wait for a scheduled appointment!

When we cannot provide same-day dentistry, we are still on hand to offer advice and provide pain relief. Our team of dental professionals are equipped to assess many common dental issues, so make sure to give us a call the next time you have a dental emergency. Our same-day dentistry treatments are carried out with the same expertise and professionalism we adhere to as standard. We will not rush your treatment, nor will we cut any corners.

As a practice, we are keenly focused on ensuring that our scheduling system benefits every patient. We reserve appointment slots for the purpose of accommodating patients who need same-day dentistry. At Chester Road Family Dental, it is also standard practice to complete treatments over as few appointments as we reasonably can. That way we aren’t taking up too much of your time and patients can utilize the additional appointments for urgent dental care.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

At Chester Road Family Dental, we use a comprehensive exam to determine the cause of any dental conditions you may have. We are able to detect infected pulp in the teeth and recommend a root canal as the best treatment option. The treatment does not require a large number of appointments. In some cases, we may be able to provide treatment during a single appointment.

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