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Gum Disease in

It is important to have gum disease treated with general dentistry treatment before it has a chance to become a much more serious problem.

Gum Disease Treatment in Chester

Gum disease is a term which describes an aggressive infection of the gums. When the condition is treated early, gum disease will typically clear up without any issues. However, delaying treatment can cause gum disease to progress. If the condition becomes too severe for medicines to act effectively, you may need to have surgical intervention.

In mild cases of gum disease, a change to your brushing and flossing routine may be enough to resolve the issue. Chester Road Family Dental will assess your gums and decide on the level of treatment you need. We may also provide you with special medications and mouthwash, which will help clear up the condition.

For more moderate to severe cases of gum disease, your Chester Road Family Dental dentist will consider a deep cleaning. There are various cleaning methods which are designed to specifically target gum disease caused by debris and bacteria. These options are intended to get the condition under control to avoid surgery.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

There are common symptoms of gum disease which are easy to spot. Bleeding, swollen, receding or painful gums are perhaps the most noticeable symptoms. However, in many cases, gum disease will present as what feels like a dull toothache. Your dentist is best placed to diagnose gum disease through the use of a comprehensive dental exam.

Gum disease has many possible causes, although the most common is insufficient oral hygiene. The condition is caused by harmful bacteria that attack the gums and roots of the teeth. That is why cleaning and medicinal treatments are the preferred course of treatment, with antibacterial mouthwash as an aid to treatment.

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