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Dental Bridges in

If you're missing teeth, don't be afraid to smile. A dental bridge can restore your teeth, your smile and your confidence. Call our office today to learn more.

Dental Bridges in Chester

Do you have one or more missing teeth which have left you with a visible gap? It is difficult to smile freely when you are constantly aware of the gap. Even everyday activities such as talking and eating become a chore. At Chester Road Family Dental, we have treated countless patients who had completely lost their confidence due to missing teeth. There is a solution, and we can provide you with this cosmetic dental treatment at a cost which may surprise you.

Dental bridges are a viable treatment option for many patients. A dental bridge is a device which acts as a bridge between gaps left by missing teeth. The bridge is anchored to the teeth on either side of the gap, allowing your dentist to affix a replacement false tooth. The end result is a restored smile and more functionality when eating or drinking.

If your old dentist told you that a dental bridge will not work for you, Chester Road Family Dental may still be able to offer you treatment. We carry out comprehensive exams, which allow us to more accurately determine which treatments are best suited to our patients.

What is a Composite Resin?

A dental bridge is completely different from a denture in a number of ways. Dental bridges use anchors, such as caps or implants, to hold the bridge in place. This treatment is used when there are relatively few missing teeth, or the missing teeth are grouped on one side of the mouth. Only your dentist can determine which choice is more suitable for your needs.

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