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Composite Fillings in

We want to restore your teeth without the need for unsightly metal fillings. For composite fillings in Chester, call our office today.

Composite Fillings in Chester

If you have never had composite fillings, you are probably more familiar with traditional metal fillings. Composite fillings use a tooth-colored material, which means the filling blends in with your other teeth. The coloring process includes matching the shade of the composite material closely to your natural tooth color. Where composite fillings are a suitable cosmetic dental treatment, they are a better cosmetic choice than amalgam fillings.

Much like amalgam fillings, composites are used to restore teeth damaged from decay. However, composite fillings are often used as a cosmetic dentistry option. When a tooth is disfigured, a composite filling will restore the original look and feel of the tooth. Your dentist will advise you if composite fillings are the best choice after a comprehensive exam has been carried out.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a mixture of material used to restore teeth. The resin is usually made up of a plastic and glass mixture, although other materials can be used, too. Dentists use composite resin due to its malleable properties. Treatment is quick and painless in most cases, which makes it an attractive option for many patients.

Composite resin can be used in conjunction with other treatments. At Chester Road Family Dental, we want you to have availability to all the treatments that will improve your oral health. Composite resin fillings are just one of the many treatments we can offer you. Our focus is on making family dental care convenient, affordable and accessible to all. Your Chester Road Family Dental practitioner is an accomplished restorative and cosmetic dentist in Chester, VA.

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