What We're Doing For COVID-19 - Learn More
What We're Doing For COVID-19 - Learn More

Convenient Scheduling

Have you ever found yourself getting frustrated from trying to schedule dental appointments? We understand that scheduling dental treatments are difficult. This is especially true when you are trying to arrange appointments for your entire family. That is why Chester Road Family Dental has made scheduling easier. We work with, rather than against, you to accommodate you with appointments that suit your needs.

What makes our scheduling convenient? We have built a number of mechanisms into our scheduling system which takes account of needs based on whether the patient is an individual or head of a family of patients. While this does not mean that we treat patients differently when it comes to convenience, it does mean that convenience is evenly available to all.

Family Block Appointments & Extended Hours

Let’s face it, there is no longer any such thing as a standard working week or a standard school week. Therefore, Chester Road Family Dental is committed to providing an alternative scheduling system to accommodate our patients who find themselves struggling to make appointments during typical hours.

One example of how we are working to make scheduling convenient for our patients is through family block appointments. These appointments allow you to bring everyone into our office on the same day, which not only addresses scheduling issues but make family dentistry all the more intimate.

We also operate extended hours, which further helps our patients attend appointments during times where the option would be otherwise unavailable. We are always looking for ways to improve our convenient scheduling, so never assume that we won’t be able to fit you in.

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