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Your Brushing Style Says a Mouthful About Your Personality in Chester, VA

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

Admit it. You too are guilty of answering a lot of “personality tests” online just to discover your inner self. Perhaps, you already have tried to examine random things like your favorite colors, hairstyles, and some other stuff that says about you. Not to mention the time that you spent scanning that certain section in an old newspaper that tells about horoscopes and your daily mood. Found yourself nodding at these? You are not alone! People are naturally seekers. Each day is an act of self-discovery and contemplation of the “who am I.” But did you know that your brushing style has a mouthful to say about you? Turn off that computer, forget about the personality quizzes that you’re about to answer and let toothbrushing do the talking!

4 Brushing Styles and What It Says About You

The Fast and Furious. Are you one of those who wanted to do brushing in as quick as possible without considering the parts of the teeth that might be missed out? No bro, you're not going to be the next Vin Diesel. What your style is trying to tell you is that you simply have poor tolerance to boredom because let’s be real, tooth brushing is not the most enjoyable thing to do! When it comes to relationships, you are more likely to initiate break-ups as soon as problems start to peak in. Ouch!The Whimsical. You love flavored toothpaste like strawberries or gold rather than plain and prefer a very soft toothbrush bristles to clean your pearly-whites gently, don’t you? Well, it only shows that as a person, you always like to feel good! The Captain. Aye aye captain! How you systematically do brushing for an approximate two minutes time while executing the proper techniques to clean your mouth completely and followed it after by a nice flossing is impressive. What does it reveal about yourself? You like to have things under control because it gives you a sense of security. The Award-winning. Hey, oral-hygiene obsessed! All the awards will probably go to you; the fact that when you brush, you take time to include that fleshy muscular important organ in your mouth. Can you give a shout out to your fellow Americans who neglect to scrape their tongue? Lend them your Waterpik too. And by the way, congratulations! You are a real adult. Anyone can rely on you in terms of decision-making and support.Everyone’s manner of brushing may vary. However, may you be reminded that proper cleaning of the teeth is vital for the dental health and your overall well-being. Aside from taking the time to do the daily oral care routine at home, Dr. Benjamin Dunham and Dr. Elizabeth Dunham of Chester Road Family Dental suggest that a Cleaning and Checkups procedure must be done to ensure a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums!You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cleaning and Checkups in Chester, VA. Book your appointment with us at Chester Road Family Dental and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!

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