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The Consequences of Leaving Chipped Tooth Untreated

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

The enamel may be the hardest substance in the human body but do know that several factors are capable of causing a minor dental fracture. Chipping a tooth is not a simple issue that can just be ignored, what people don’t know is it can be destructive to the oral health in the long run.

There is no way for a person to know the seriousness of the crack. So, if the assistance of a dental professional is not immediately sought, their risk of severe complications increases. Fortunately, Drs. Benjamin and Elizabeth Dunham of Chester Road Family Dental offer patients who experience chipped tooth in Chester solutions like fillings, bonding, crowns, bridges, and implants. Since no one can be prepared for a chipped tooth, it is imperative for patients to know the actions to take once encountered. For everyone to understand the seriousness of this particular dental emergency, read on below!

What could happen with a chipped tooth?

What everyone should understand is, a damaged tooth is already an exposed tooth. If the first layer (the enamel) is damaged, the other layers underneath like the dentin and pulp are at risk of being affected as well. The problem is, the pulp, which is a structure consisting of blood vessels and connective tissues can become irritated due to daily activities like jaw movement and chewing. Over time, the pulp will become damaged. Aside from sensitivity and extreme pain, it may even lead to infection in the long run and complicated dental work.

Taking actions when it comes to a chipped tooth should be immediate. It is best to seek treatment even if the chip or crack only appears on the tooth’s crown. Not doing so can cause the damage to affect a larger portion of the tooth and even reach below the gum line. Unfortunately, the best solution is to have the tooth extracted than make matters worse.

The procedure to be performed is a case to case basis, meaning, dentists would need to examine the tooth of the patient before deciding on the best type of treatment to offer.

Restore and strengthen your broken teeth through the help of Chipped Tooth Repair in Chester, VA! Call us at Chester Road Family Dental to get started with the procedure. We are located at 11701 Chester Rd., Chester, VA 23831.

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