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Reasons to Rethink on Skipping Your Next Dental Checkup

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

It is almost time for your regular dental appointment, are you planning on skipping it? Many people have the same dilemma twice every year since they tend to worry about the possible cost, time to spend, or even feel anxious at the thought of seeing the dentist. As a result, their current treatable problem worsens and becomes more likely to require complicated procedures.So, for everyone to understand why patients are discouraged from skipping regular dental checkups, we at Chester Road Family Dental prepared a list of reasons below.

Regular dental checkups are important because:

It helps in the early diagnosis of serious oral health complicationsThis feat is possible since, during appointments, your dentist will look for any possible issues that require early diagnosis and immediate treatment. One example is oral cancer, which is one of the most unforgiving forms of diseases. The good news is, early detection, which is possible with the help of regular dental visits, is the key to its successful treatment.It prevents people from spending on expensive treatments for preventable problemsPeople with cars understand how important it is to have their cars serviced regularly to keep them functioning their best while also avoiding the cost of new parts. The teeth are very much the same. Regular dental checkups are comparatively inexpensive compared to the possible treatments you may have to avail due to neglected oral health.Cavities that are caused by plaque and tartar can be preventedEven for those who diligently practice proper oral hygiene, there are still some areas in the mouth that can be missed even by using a toothbrush and floss. If plaque is allowed to accumulate, it turns into tartar, which is extremely hard for patients themselves to get rid of. Fortunately, dental cleanings that come with regular checkups can effectively and efficiently remove these harmful substances; therefore, preventing the formation of cavities. Cleanings are undeniably cheaper than having a cavity filled.It helps keep the teeth white and brightAs already mentioned above, some areas in the mouth can't be easily reached by toothbrush and floss. Unfortunately, these oral devices can't also remove the stains caused by foods and beverages with teeth-staining properties. But by scheduling regular dental checkups, professional cleaning can be performed to help the smile stay bright, white, and healthy.Early signs of gum disease can be detected and preventedAside from causing cavities, tartar buildup can also lead to gum infection which causes the said tissue to pull away from the teeth. Unfortunately, tartar can progress and cause the supporting bones and tissues of the teeth to breakdown, leading to swelling, bleeding, and even tooth loss. Treating gum disease tend to require many dental appointments and can be expensive. But by scheduling regular dental checkups, patients are assured that the earliest signs of gum disease are detected for its prevention and immediate treatment.Are you now convinced not to skip routine dental appointments? If yes, book our Cleaning and Checkups in Chester, VA! Our team at Chester Road Family Dental is sure to make you feel comfortable and happy with your overall oral health.

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