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Over the Counter vs Professional Teeth Whitening: Which One to Choose? - Chester, VA

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

Everyone likes the idea of looking their best at all times, that is why the demand for beauty products are high. For patients who love to watch videos online, they are more likely to come across numerous vlogs about makeup tutorials and DIY teeth whitening that they claim to be highly effective.One of the most popular options for people who wish to improve the look of their teeth is teeth whitening. As claimed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans believe that the smile is the most important social asset that a person can have, no wonder why many are compelled to buy certain products in an attempt to get an enhanced smile.People who are ready to achieve a beautiful, bright smile with teeth whitening may become confused about the best type of product to use. At Chester Road Family Dental, we aim to help our patients in any way that we can. We want them to get the most out of their teeth whitening treatments with a professional touch.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over The Counter Products

OTC productsAlthough these options are cheaper and easily purchased in physical or online stores, dentists discourage their use due to its possible dangers without professional supervision. Most strips or trays that come with the kits usually follow the “one size fits all” concept. As a result, its coverage of the teeth may be too big or too small. It increases the risk of soft tissue irritations that can be uncomfortable. Patients even need to use OTC kits repeatedly to see visible results and maintain their effects. Instead of being a cheaper option, it would cost more in the long run due to multiple purchases.Professional Teeth WhiteningLike any other dental procedures, it requires an initial consultation for the dentist to check the status of the teeth and recommend the best course of action. As soon as the type of whitening system is decided, preparations will take place. A material may be placed directly on the gums, or a rubber sheet may be used to shield the soft tissues against any exposure from the whitening solution to be used. Doing so guarantees a comfortable and convenient treatment.Depending on the whitening system, a clear tray or unique light to accelerate its whitening properties will be utilized repeatedly. In as little as one hour, patients are expected to see visible results. With the attention of a professional, their treatment is assured to be safe and most effective.Want to whiten your teeth in a dental office or at home? Make sure to discuss your concerns with Dr. Benjamin and Elizabeth Dunham for them to check the best possible option.Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Chester Road Family Dental and check out our services under Teeth Whitening treatment in Chester, VA. We are located at 11701 Chester Rd, Chester, VA 23831.

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