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Flossing- Good For Your Heart?

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

Add heart health to the list of reasons you should be flossing! Cleaning the spaces between your teeth is necessary to keep them looking nice. But did you also know that your oral hygiene routine could affect your chances of developing heart disease?The Gum Disease - Heart Disease ConnectionBacteria that hang out between teeth can irritate the gums and cause inflammation. As the swelling worsens, gums start pulling away from teeth. This allows more germs to invade. Eventually, the infection can worsen to become gum disease.Bacteria that cause gum disease have also been found in inflamed blood vessels. When blood vessels get swollen, this leads to deadly clots which can cause stroke or heart disease.How do the germs get there?Bacteria from active gum disease enter the bloodstream through small cuts in the gums. Inflamed gums are loaded with thin blood vessels that easily rupture, allowing germs to get in.If this information is new to you, don’t panic! This is primarily a concern if you already have a heart condition like prosthetic heart valves or congenital heart disease.No matter what your current state of health is, a solid flossing routine will help reduce your chances of developing gum disease.Does Flossing Really Help?Flossing works well when it’s done regularly and with the right technique. Talking with a Chester, VA dentist is the best way to learn a flossing routine that works for you. Our Chester Road Family Dental team wants to do all we can to help your teeth and heart stay strong. Come on in for a visit to learn more about the importance of a healthy smile!Posted on behalf of Chester Road Family Dental

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