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Common Questions About Deep Cleaning for Gum Disease in Chester, VA

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

Gum disease is another widespread oral problem aside from cavities. Like tooth decay, anyone can acquire periodontal disease – may it be children, teens, adults, or seniors. But the condition is more common to those who are not observing good oral hygiene and people who smoke. Gum disease, in its early stage, is called gingivitis. It is the mildest among the other forms of the oral complication and is 100% treatable if addressed early. Dr. Benjamin Dunham and Dr. Elizabeth Dunham of Chester Road Family Dental usually recommend deep cleaning to patients with gingivitis. The procedure is also referred to as scaling and root planing. Here are the frequently asked questions about the treatments along with their corresponding answers to help you understand them further.

Deep Cleaning FAQs – Answered!

What is the purpose of deep cleaning?The procedure is performed to soothe inflamed gums, stop swelling, and diminish unnecessary buildups in the gum line. Deep cleaning is essential as it halts the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thereby ceasing the progress of gum disease.Will the procedure hurt?Deep cleaning is a noninvasive type of treatment which means that patients will not feel any major discomfort while undergoing such. But in some cases, people with very low pain tolerance might experience a slight soreness which will cue the dentist to apply local anesthesia. Are teeth cleaning and deep cleaning the same?Professional teeth cleaning and deep cleaning are different from each other. Among the two, the latter is more in-depth. Deep cleaning can eliminate even the hardest and most stubborn tartar on the teeth. What to do prior to the deep cleaning appointment?Upon scheduling scaling and root planing in our office, you might need to consider practicing the right oral hygiene. Doing so will minimize your time in the dental chair and make the dental hygienist’s job easier as well.Besides deep cleaning, we at Chester Road Family Dental also have other treatments to mend the more advanced stages of gum disease. Talk to us to know which procedure is right for you!If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like the sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, or loose teeth, contact our office at Chester Road Family Dental for Treatment For Gum Disease in Chester, VA. You may book your appointment by visiting us at 11701 Chester Rd, Chester, VA 23831.

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