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All About Toothache: A General Overview

By Chester Road Family Dental
BY Chester Road Family Dental

Toothache, almost everyone has experienced their fair share of this. Both kids and adults are not safe from going through this horrible pain. In general, a toothache can be defined as the pain around the tooth and the jaw. The pain stems from the condition of the tooth. Once the nerve is inflamed, it will result in warning signals to alert the body that there is something wrong. In severe cases of toothache, a root canal may be needed. 

The origin of a toothache

Toothache originates from different causes. The most common cause is when tooth decay reaches the nerve of the tooth. Gum disease is another factor to consider; the same goes with pulled, infected, and fractured teeth damaged by trauma and compromised fillings.

The prevalent symptoms of a toothache

The pain experienced from a toothache comes in various forms; however, the degree to which these symptoms are experienced may vary from one person to another. Here are some of the symptoms: 

  • Swelling and soreness in the gums
  • Experiencing fever or headache
  • Bleeding and unpleasant tasting discharge
  • Sharp, throbbing or shooting pain in the area surrounding the tooth
  • Changes in the levels of pain while chewing, biting, or generally applying pressure on the tooth. 

Triggering Toothache

There are various ways to trigger the onset of a toothache. These trigger factors include:

  • Teeth-clenching
  • Biting hard objects or food
  • Beverages or food with extremely high or low temperatures
  • Excessive consumption of sweet foods

Tips to prevent toothache

Healthy and pain-free teeth start with basic oral hygiene. Remember to floss and brush the teeth twice a day. Avoid foods and drinks containing high amounts of sugar and abstain from smoking to protect the gums and the teeth. Another preventative measure is regular visits to the dentist’s office as this practice will help in detecting the early signs of tooth decay and gum problems.

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